The Mountains are Calling!

Are the mountains calling you to elope, well you're in luck they are calling my name too! Colorado is one of my favorite places for elopements. From sunrise elopements in Boulder to Adventure elopements in Loveland Pass, the Rocky Mountains have it all! However, their are a couple of things to talk about when you elope in Colorado!

  1. Let's keep Colorado beautiful! How do we do this you ask? One way is to not tag your Instagram exact location. Unfortunately, social media has allowed us to share some of the most beautiful places on earth by tagging. By doing this we have overrun these locations with high volumes of people and have caused dramatic changes in the natural beauty that once was. Next, make sure you and your photographer or any elopement guest are following "Leave NO Trace" practices. Basically this means exactly what it says! Leave the location exactly as you found it. For example, pick up any trash ( including the cork top from the champagne spray), Do not remove any items from the location! This includes rocks, sand, and flowers. Did you know the Colorado State flower, Columbines are by protected by law and you could be charge with a misdemeanor for picking one?!
  2. Permits, Permits, Permits!!! just about everywhere in Colorado requires a photography permit. Now don't let this sway you from eloping in Colorado because believe it or not many places require this! Hawaii, California, Oregon are just a few of many other place that require a film permit. Have no fear though! They are usually easy to obtain! For Colorado just go to for more info

Now that you came to my TED talk you're all set for eloping and you know just who to call when you are packed and ready to go!